Friday, May 30, 2003

Welcome to the Canada Pharmacy Report. It is my hope that this site will ultimately become the best place online to find out all the latest news regarding pharmacy. Since I'm involved in the industry, I want to be kept abreast of what's going on. However, I don't have time to surf the 'Net every day to find the latest stories. When I find articles, I'll post the links here. I'm really counting on the assistance of everyone else with an interest in the industry to send me links they find. This site will only be as good as the contributors make it. If you find a relevant link, send it to

Here are the first links that I was able to find at

From the Astoria (NY) Times
Forest Hills bizman offers discount Canadian meds
Another story of a new front store operation.

From the Palm Beach (FL) Post
Prosecutor: Canadian drug sales no crime
Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer has given a green light to local storefront businesses that are selling discounted prescription drugs from Canada.

From the Edmonton Journal
Cross-border pharmacy trade needs review
Some comments about international pharmacy from the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

From the Seattle Times
Buying drugs via Canada gets tougher
This article is not exactly painting a rosy future for international pharmacy.

From the Waterloo/Cedar Falls (Iowa) Courier
Flow of imported prescription drugs from Canada is on the rise
An article originally from the Hartford (Connecticut) Courant, with general comments explaining the industry.

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