Sunday, November 30, 2003

From Newsday (NY):
Drug Bill Revisited
Republicans barely had time to celebrate the victory of passing a Medicare drug bill last week when Democrats revived an effort to allow the re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada.

Congress passed landmark legislation Tuesday to add the prescription drug benefit. But tucked in the measure is a provision that essentially kills a move to allow the re-importation of drugs from Canada by requiring that the federal Health and Human Services secretary certify the drugs are safe. HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, a Republican, has repeatedly said he won't do that.

From CHAD (PQ):
Bush gets prized Medicare deal, but pressure for cheap drugs still there
The U.S. Congress passed President George W. Bush's prized Medicare overhaul Tuesday with a new prescription drug benefit for seniors and a large future role for private insurers.

But analysts predicted there will still be pressure for price controls and cheaper drugs from Canada as Americans search for further relief from the highest medication prices in the industrialized world.

From the Houston Chronicle:
Medicare bill dooms store
The Houston store that helped people buy prescription drugs from Canada is closing, and the Medicare bill passed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday is a main reason why.

"We are telling people we are no longer in business," said Tod Knight, part owner of Canadian Prescriptions Direct, perhaps the only retail outlet of its kind in the Houston area.

From the Montreal Gazette:
Health claims of supplements questioned
Sports-nutrition products represent a booming, unregulated business selling potentially hazardous supplements to consumers, say Montreal nutritionists.

They said they welcome an investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency into the contents and labelling of a range of these products, such as protein- or carbohydrate-enriched foods or drinks, meal replacements, supplements and products marketed for quick weight loss or muscle-building.

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