Saturday, June 05, 2004

From (Mich.):
At long last, gum is legal in Singapore
For years, Hidayat Osman got around this city-state's ban on the sale of chewing gum by picking up an occasional pack in neighboring Malaysia.

So it was a pleasant surprise when the 24-year-old saw a few perfectly legal boxes of Wrigley's Orbit chewing gum tucked on a shelf behind a pharmacist's counter here.

"After all these years, it'll be nice to get it locally," he said, as he was about to ask for a pack.

Not so fast. The clerk pointed to a sign that says the pharmacist -- the only person who can legally dispense gum -- was out to lunch. "Wow. It's like a controlled substance," Mr. Osman laughed.

(Editor's note: Not a Canadian pharmacy story, but I thought it was interesting that pharmacists dispense chewing gum in Singapore.)

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