Saturday, August 14, 2004

From the Las Vegas Business Press:
Kerry prescription drug plan could boost local Rx business
In town last week for two and a half days of campaigning, Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry made a myriad of promises in hopes of grabbing the crucial votes of our up-for-grabs state. The most notable promise among senior citizens was the assurance that, if elected president, Kerry would work toward legalizing the importation of Canadian drugs.

Before a gymnasium full of seniors in Henderson, Kerry called on President Bush to "get out of the way of Americans being able to import drugs from Canada at a reasonable price." It is something he said he and other members of Congress, including Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona passed, but Bush stood in the way of because of his allegiance to "his friends" -- the prescription drug manufacturers. Not to worry, Kerry told his audience, "Dr. Kerry is here to cure you all."

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