Thursday, September 02, 2004

From the Globe and Mail:
Drug giant targets U.K. in battle against Net sales
The world's biggest pharmaceutical company is taking its battle against Canada's Internet pharmacies across the pond.

In a letter dated Aug. 17, Pfizer Inc.'s British unit said it is introducing a new supply policy for its pharmaceutical products in an apparent bid, sources say, to slow the flow of lower-priced drugs to Americans from British pharmacies linked with Internet drug sites in Canada.

"Pfizer will, at its absolute discretion, make allocations of its products to customers in sufficient quantities so that demand from patients and health care professionals in the U.K. can be satisfied," sales director Philip Watts said in the letter. "Allocations to Pfizer's customers will be determined fairly and objectively, and the policy will be applied uniformly. Pfizer will not supply amounts that exceed allocations." Mr. Watts couldn't be reached for comment.

From the Fort Worth (TX) Star Telegram:
Rx Depot co-founder has new venture
The co-founder of a Tulsa prescription drug service shut down for violating federal drug importation laws has a new company providing discounted medicines over the Internet.

Web-based Integrity Meds has been connecting prescription drug buyers with a mail-order pharmacy in Texas at prices the businesses claim are at cost plus two small fees.

"On name brands, people can save some money, but on generics they're going to rub their eyes and check it again," said David Peoples, Integrity Meds founder and co-founder of Rx Depot, on Wednesday. "It's going to be a shock."

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