Sunday, February 27, 2005

Cost of prescriptions making many 'sick'

From the Pahrump Valley (NV) Times:
Barbara Grabski worries that her prescriptions are making her sick. It's not the drugs themselves, she says, but the extra work she must take on to pay for them.

"I'm stressed around the clock," said Grabski, a 60-year-old diabetic and breast cancer survivor. "They tell you to rest, but I've got to work to pay for all this. It's a vicious little circle."

So Grabski works four days a week at the Department of Motor Vehicles, one other day cleaning houses and is looking for a part-time job on weekends. She tests her blood sugar once a day, instead of the recommended three times, to save money on the test strips. Last year she said she spent $4,500 on prescription drugs - about one in every five dollars she takes home from the DMV. ...more

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