Monday, March 14, 2005

Health Canada Advises Consumers Not to Use "Cough Syrup Dm" Din 02015781 with Lot Numbers Starting with 2J29 and 3J29

From Health Canada:
Health Canada is advising consumers across Canada not to use specific brands of "Cough Syrup DM" DIN 02015781 with lot numbers starting with 2J29 and 3J29 due to the product containing twice the amount of dextromethorphan than is stated on the label.

At the request of Health Canada, this product is being recalled by the manufacturer, Jamp Pharmaceutical Corp in Langley, British Columbia. The "Cough Syrup DM" is packaged in 100mL and 250mL plastic bottles. The product is distributed to retailers across Canada and sold under the following brand names ...more

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