Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Canadian ships unload relief supplies

From the National Post:
...As tents, blankets, cases of bottled water, boxes of sunscreen and insect repellent were unloaded, 15 Canadian Forces medics boarded one of the frigates. Their purpose, McFadden said, will be to make sure that local residents are "clean, healthy and cared for."

However, because of U.S. drug laws, they will not be allowed to dispense any medicine to civilians... ...more
(Editor's note: Can anyone explain the reasoning that the Canadian military cannot fill prescriptions for Americans during this time of crisis? It mentions U.S. drug laws. Is this related to their state pharmacy laws, or is it because the ship's pharmacy is stocked with "unapproved Canadian product?" If anyone has insight, contact us at info@canadapharmacynews.com)

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