Monday, May 29, 2006

Pharmacy rebate program on hot seat

Update: apparently the $25 markup cap has been taken off the table. There is a comment in this article that suggests the government may move their position a bit.

Health Minister George Smitherman offered a reprieve to worried pharmacists by announcing plans to scrap a proposed $25 cap on markups put on special, expensive medications such as HIV drugs — a move that will save pharmacies $13 million.

And he hinted that the controversial rebate ban could use some further definition.

“This continues to be, frankly, a very, very murky area of the Ontario drug system,” he said prior to the start of the hearing.

But he stressed the province’s bottom line was to rein in soaring costs of the drug program, estimated to eat up 10 per cent of overall provincial health-care spending, and get the best possible pricing for medicine.

It looks like the pressure being put on the government is having an effect.

More in this Toronto Star article here

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