Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pharmacist 'scripts safe, group says

It looks like the turf war between pharmacists and physicians could heat up over the next few months. Today the RxA fired a response back to the physician groups in a press release.

“RxA is gravely concerned about how the AMA and CPSA have called into question the professionalism of Alberta pharmacists in comments made to their members and in the media, and the impact that may have on the public trust of pharmacists. The public has every reason to trust that their health and safety will be respected and protected by Alberta pharmacists,” said RxA CEO Barry Cavanaugh.

It's interesting to note that physicians have tried the scattershot approach to attack pharmacist prescribing. First there is mention of competency, then the talk turns to questioning a pharmacist's commercial interests, then the comments about liability concerns. It seems to me that they are throwing a lot against the wall and trying to see what sticks.

Why is it assumed by some that pharmacists are going to prescribe for their personal gain and that it's a conflict of interest? I have never heard anyone question veterinarians about this before. Vets have been prescribing and dispensing most of their own items for years.

I think physicians are raising some points that need to be considered, but I wish they would give pharmacists a bit more credit.

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