Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Eyes wide open

It's suprised me that modafanil hasn't been discussed as a "lifestyle drug" more often. Alertec has been sold in Canada for years. It not hard to believe that attempts would be made to determine if modafanil can be the ultimate wake up pill.

Interestingly, when Alertec was initially released in Canada, it was considered a controlled drug. Shortly after its release it was changed to regular prescription drug status. I believe that it is still considered a controlled drug in United States, albeit at their lowest schedule of control.

From the Toronto Star:
"Could I have a non-fat cappuccino with modafinil to go?"

It's quite possible that a few years from now, that will be the wake-up mantra for millions of people around the world. Modafinil, distributed in Canada as Alertec, is a chemical first made in France in the 1970s for treating narcolepsy. But in the past few years, it has been used more and more to combat daytime sleepiness among shift workers. Doctors say it is safe, and that it can "turn off" the urge to sleep. ...more

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