Tuesday, January 23, 2007

'Credibility' at issue

Final arguments were made today at the Norvascgate trial. Look for a verdict by the end of February. Personally, I can't see how pharmacist Abadir Nasr can be found anything but guilty. Even if you buy his defense that he was ignorant and didn't intentionally do anything wrong, what he did was criminally reckless. And this is the most positive scenario for Nasr. The other possibilities are much worse.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
The lawyer representing accused Hamilton pharmacist Abadir Nasr argues the Crown's attack on his client's credibility has become a futile exercise in pill counting.

Dean Paquette told Ontario Court Justice Richard Jennis no one will ever know precisely how many counterfeit and grey market cardiac pills were dispensed at the King West Pharmacy in spring 2005. That's because much of the Norvasc dispensed there, including vials with authentic pills mixed in with fake and foreign-market tablets, had been consumed by Nasr's customers in the months before the RCMP raided his drugstore June 15. ...more

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