Friday, January 18, 2008

School Kids Take Home M & M's In Rx Pill Bottles

This isn't a Canadian story, but I thought it contained some good common sense advice for pharmacists in any country.

From the Knoxville (KY) News Sentinel:
"Take as needed for Yummies in the Tummies," read labels on prescription pill bottles handed out to a Williamsburg Elementary School class.

Dan Powell was seriously concerned about what when on in his daughter's kindergarten class.

"My wife picked her up off the bus and the first thing she said was, 'Look Mommy, I've got some medicine," Powell said.

The class received the bottles after a day in which the careers of parents were discussed.

One student spoke about having a mother who is a pharmacist.

After the presentation, the teacher allowed the bottles to be given out as parting gifts.

"I think we're sending mixed messages for a kindergartner, any kid for that matter, might think take the lid off any pill bottle – it's just M&M's inside," said Powell.

Williamsburg's superintendent, Jeff Weir, found out after another parent called. ...more

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