Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fake erectile dysfunction drugs flooding Vancouver

From the Vancouver Sun:
Police and customs agencies are intercepting frequent shipments of counterfeit erectile dysfunction drugs coming into Canada through Vancouver, an RCMP expert attempting to rein in the illegal industry said Monday.

Some of the counterfeit drugs are as much as 50-per-cent stronger than the genuine product, said Cpl. Norm Massie of the RCMP's Border Integrity Program. Others are less than half the recommended strength.

Even more potentially dangerous is that they could contain untested products.

"We do not even know what else is in there," Massie said of the drugs, which are being seized at both the border and the post office. He added that there are almost daily seizures of the drugs.

Massie said the booming erectile dysfunction industry is a major revenue provider for criminals looking to profit by counterfeiting goods researched, copyrighted and produced by legitimate companies. ...more

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