Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pharmacists focus on patients, not pills

From Metro News Ottawa:
Escaping the ashes of a terrible war, Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic came to Canada to start a new life as a pharmacist, helping patients not only receive their medication but understand it as well.

Skokovic-Sunjic, 45, completed a four-year degree in Pharmacy at the University of Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia and her first job was as a teaching assistant in the medical faculty. She left Sarajevo, today’s capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the 1990s to escape the war that tore apart the former Yugoslavia and came to Canada to finally pursue a career as a pharmacist because she found the pharmacists she met inspiring.

“I was always impressed with the professionalism of pharmacists behind the counter, so that’s what inspired me,” she said.

Now a pharmacist at Dell Pharmacy in Beamsville, Ont., Skokovic-Sunjic says coming to Canada to start a new life wasn’t easy but she felt motivated to succeed in a field that she loved.

“Starting with a new country and a new language, it was a very challenging time but the challenge inspired me in a way,” she said. ...more

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