Monday, August 31, 2009

500 pharmacists training to give jabs for swine flu

From the Herald (Ireland):
Around 500 pharmacists have now signed up to a training programme which would enable them to administer the swine flu vaccine.

The Health Service Executive has not yet indicated whether pharmacists will be involved in the planned flu vaccination programme.

However, the Irish Pharmaceutical Union (IPU) said it believed that "it would be prudent to allow as wide a range of health professionals as possible to address the challenges that face us this winter."

A spokesperson said that the IPU would hope that pharmacists would be included in the plan for administration of the swine flu vaccine to the public in the coming months.

"In Portugal, 40pc of all seasonal flu vaccines are administered by pharmacists. In the US, pharmacists have been involved in vaccinations since the mid-1990s," she said. ...more

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