Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catholic, a chemist but he won't sell the pill

From the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald:
A pharmacist has stopped selling contraceptives because of his strong religious beliefs.

Trevor Dal Broi is telling women using oral contraceptive pills for birth control to take their scripts to another chemist.

He removed condoms from his East Griffith Pharmacy several weeks ago and has banned the sale of emergency contraception morning-after pills.

These pills have been available without a prescription for between $20 and $30 since 2004.

Mr Dal Broi is handing out a leaflet to women with scripts for the contraceptive pill saying that he accepts the official teaching of the Catholic Church against the use of artificial contraception and has a moral objection to dispensing them. ...more

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Anonymous said...

I applaud Mr. Dal Boi for his courage. There are no laws against sticking to one's conscience (yet). Plus there are about 5 or 6 other pharmacies in that town, so it's not a real inconvenience. I think it's just upsetting because people don't agree with his beliefs.