Friday, December 04, 2009

Pharmacies blamed for dirty needles

From the Ottawa Sun:
Ottawa’s pharmacists are frustrated that they have been blamed for the number of dirty needles being collected on the city’s streets.

The complaint, which will be tabled at City Hall Thursday, stems from a briefing note by the city’s former medical officer of health, Dr. David Salisbury, to Coun. Diane Holmes on March 12, which states “legitimate purchases from pharmacies ... represent a significant portion of the needles on the street.”

This year, the city has collected 149,347 more dirty needles than the clean ones it’s given out to drug users, raising questions as to where they are coming from.

Salisbury also speculated to the Sun last year the needle source could be a syringe black market or Hull needle distributors.

The Ottawa-Carleton Pharmacists’ Association claims there’s no proof behind Salisbury’s assertion that pharmacies are a source of the needles. ...more

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