Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drug abuse a huge problem in N.B.

From the Moncton (NB) Times and Transcript:
News that a 23-month-old girl was in critical condition at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax after ingesting methadone at a home in Havelock has left many wondering how on earth the child got access to such a powerful drug.

The answer to that question is still under investigation in this particular case, but police say it is not all that unusual to find strong drugs like this in homes.

"We are far too casual with medicine in our society," says Sgt. Mary Ann MacNeil, the RCMP's section head for drugs and organized crime awareness in New Brunswick.

"We are far too complacent with getting medications from our doctor, our pharmacist, taking it into our home and, if we don't finish it all, we don't pay attention to what happens to it afterwards."

With young children in particular, a drug doesn't have to be that strong to cause problems.

"If a baby gets a hold of Tylenol, it is the same. Any drug can hurt you if it is not for you," MacNeil says. "You just always have to be aware of what is in your house and who is in your house and, for those with prescription drugs in their house, they need to be doubly cautious." ...more

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