Saturday, October 30, 2010

Natural product companies targeting kids’ market

From the Globe and Mail:
When Health Canada ruled in 2008 that children under age 6 should not be given over-the-counter cough and cold remedies, it probably didn’t realize it was creating a whole new market for medications aimed at kids.

Companies that use certain active ingredients in over-the-counter medications, such as dextromethorphan (used in cough remedies) and brompheniramine maleate (used in cold meds), now must carry labels indicating they are not to be given to children under age 6.

But the recent ruling, made because there is little proof that these products work in children and evidence they can cause rare side effects or lead to overdose, doesn’t apply to makers of natural or homeopathic medicine.

Now, many of those companies are rushing to fill the void and attract a following from confused parents looking for ways to help their sick children in the wake of Health Canada’s restrictions on traditional remedies.

The makers of COLD-FX, a Canadian natural health product designed to help boost the immune system to prevent or reduce cold and flu symptoms, are launching a clinical trial in hopes of potentially marketing their product to children. ...more

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