Tuesday, July 29, 2003

From KMAC-TV (Lubbock, TX):
Massachusetts city buying drugs from Canada to save money
(Note: This article was picked up by dozens of news outlets)
Springfield, Massachusetts is going north of the border in an effort to save millions of dollars.

The city is now buying prescription drugs from Canada for some city workers and retirees. Mayor Michael Albano says they can purchase the same drugs for 20 to 80 percent less.

The city of 152-thousand people, which is self-insured, could save up to four (m) million dollars depending on how many of its nine-thousand workers and retirees sign up for the voluntary option.

From the Casper (WY) Star Tribune:
Cubin opposes drug reimportation
Comments from a Wyoming congresswoman who voted against the bill in the House last Friday.

From Newsday:
Find Way to Allow Importation of Lower-Cost Drugs
The House would allow drugs to be imported from the European Union and other Western countries in addition to Canada. And while the House bill includes anti-tampering protections, it does not require HHS certification that imported drugs impose no additional risk.

From the Fitchburg (MA) Sentinel:
Sale of Canadian drugs could help U.S. consumers

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