Monday, July 28, 2003

From Yahoo News:
Canadian Pharmacy Group Applauds U.S. House Vote Approving Imported Prescription Drugs
The Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Canada's leading group of pharmacies which provide international prescription services to U.S. patients, applauds the outcome of the vote by the members of the U.S. House of Representatives on the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act of 2003. Members from both sides of the House voted to pass the legislation (243 to 186) last Friday morning.

From the Edmonton Journal:
Latest in U.S. home parties: Canadian pharmaceuticals
Coffee and cookies are waiting. A pleasant-looking woman hands out papers and smiles warmly.

The only thing between you and cheaper medication, she says, is your signature on the dotted line.

From the San Fransisco Chronicle:
House OKs buying of imported drugs
The House, prodded by seniors' complaints about soaring costs for prescription drugs, approved a measure Friday to allow U.S consumers access to lower-cost drugs from Canada and other countries.

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