Monday, January 12, 2004

Internet drugs facing roadblock
The booming business in prescription drugs sold to Americans over the Internet from Canadian pharmacies is about to hit a major, potentially fatal, roadblock.

Canadian doctors who co-sign the prescriptions for U.S. patients are about to be given some stark news by the national body that provides them liability insurance: If a patient gets sick or dies from the drug and you get sued, you're on your own.

From the St. Cloud (Minn.) Times:
Your health, your responsibility: U.S. looks north for cheaper drugs
The Lauers wonder how much longer they will be able to make the trips to Canada and have considered ordering the drugs by mail. They say they would use an Internet site proposed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty to help find reputable Canadian pharmacies.

Pawlenty wants to set up a state-sponsored Web site to help Minnesota residents buy their prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies at lower prices than in the United States.

When he decided to support reimportation, Pawlenty bucked the national Republican Party and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which claims such a program is illegal and potentially unsafe.

From NBC-TV Columbus (Ohio):
Canadian Pharmacies Offer Low Prices
Canadian pharmacies are opening their doors to American consumers, offering prescription drugs at Canadian prices.

The American Drug Club has opened an office in Columbus selling prescription drugs. The prescriptions are sold at an average 50 percent savings, according to Warren Hogue, American Drug Club spokesman.

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