Wednesday, January 14, 2004

From Newsday (NY):
Pfizer Wants Canada to Stop Selling Drugs
Pfizer Inc. is applying tougher restrictions on Canadian pharmacies to discourage them from selling low-cost prescription drugs to American customers.

In a Monday letter, Pfizer told Canadian pharmacies they will need authorization to deal with wholesalers, and that they had to promise not to ship products south of the border.

From the Sacramento Bee:
S.F. joins fight to get drugs from Canada
City officials here have jumped into the fray of what has been called a "revolution" against major U.S. pharmaceutical firms.

San Francisco's 11 supervisors have unanimously passed a resolution authorizing development of Internet links on community-based computers to enable citizens to purchase Canadian prescription drugs.

From the Montreal Gazette:
New generic drugs may be kept from Quebecers
The government's decision to postpone its February update to the list of drugs the provincial drug insurance plan pays for means Quebecers will be deprived of new generic drugs.

Health Minister Philippe Couillard announced the freeze on listing new products and said the 4- to 8-per-cent price increases sought by brand-name drug producers would be negotiated.

From the Miami Herald:
Pawlenty to meet with FDA officials Thursday
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty planned to meet with officials of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Thursday to discuss his plan to import prescription drugs from Canada.

The FDA has expressed concerns about the governor's plan, citing safety concerns.

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