Sunday, July 18, 2004

From the Bradenton (FL) Herald:
Bill stalls to reimport cheaper drugs
Geraldine and James Keon of Westland, Mich., joined a busload of seniors in Windsor, Canada, this month looking for bargains on prescription drugs.

Americans who bring prescription drugs they have purchased in Canada or other countries into the United States are breaking the law, but U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials say they are not interested in prosecuting or confiscating pharmaceuticals from individuals who purchase and bring medicine for themselves back from foreign countries.

In fact, busloads of senior citizens who travel to Canada often are open with Canadian and U.S. customs officials about the intent of their trips and what they are bringing back. The larger issue now for Americans who buy Canadian drugs is that pharmaceutical companies are cracking down on stores that sell to non-Canadians by limiting drug supplies or - in the case of Pfizer - making pharmacies sign statements to fill only Canadian prescriptions.

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