Monday, July 05, 2004

From Newsday (NY):
U.S., industry crack down on drug importation
Irving and Charlotte Diton of Melville waited and waited this spring for their shipment of prescription drugs from Canada. It never came. Finally, the elderly couple learned that U.S. Customs had seized the $531 three-month supply of medicine.

"It's an effort to scare people off," said Diton, a 75-year-old retired electrical engineer. "Of all the things that customs has on their mind, this seems like this should be a pretty low priority."

Even as Congress considers legislation to legalize the importation of drugs from Canada, efforts by older adults to get those medications have become increasingly challenging, with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection continuing to confiscate some packages and drugmakers cutting off supplies to Canadian pharmacies and distributors who ship their goods to Americans.

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