Monday, October 25, 2004

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
The Rx chase: Cheaper drugs via the Bahamas
On an island used by bootleggers in the 1920s and speedboat-running cocaine cowboys in the 1980s, a drab warehouse now conducts a new kind of enterprise American authorities consider illegal - selling prescription drugs.

The warehouse near the Freeport airport is run by a Canadian pharmacy, CanadaRX. It buys prescription drugs from wholesalers in Europe and elsewhere. It sells them to Americans at prices 30% to 50% lower than U.S. prices.

Harvey Organ, co-owner of CanadaRX, says he was forced to set up the Freeport operation because the major American drug manufacturers, led by Pfizer, have reduced shipments to Canada to block pharmacies from selling drugs to U.S. citizens.

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