Friday, January 27, 2006

U of A’s DrugBank gives doctors an information high

From the (University of Alberta) Gateway:
While encyclopedias are left gathering dust on bookshelves, U of A researchers have taken advantage of the Internet’s accessibility by developing an online DrugBank, an extensive catalogue of information covering about 95 per cent of all known drugs.

Dr David Wishart, a University researcher and professor in Computing Science and Biological Sciences, in conjunction with seven other PhD level scientists, biotechnicians and computer scientists, has erected a website that lists both drugs and their corresponding destinations in the human body.

“What distinguishes the DrugBank from other lists of drugs is it includes both drugs and drug targets, or more specifically, what drugs themselves work on,” Wishart explained. “Most doctors, scientists and pharmacists don’t know those specific targets, and so this is something new, something different.” ...more

It's not mentioned in the article for some reason, so here is the URL for DrugBank:

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