Sunday, February 12, 2006

CanWest challenging restrictions on drug ads

From the Globe and Mail:
CanWest Global Communications Corp. has launched a court challenge against federal restrictions on drug company advertising in Canada, saying the rules violate its charter rights.

In an application filed in the Ontario Superior Court, CanWest says it wants the laws governing drug advertisements overturned because they threaten freedom of expression in Canada and are unjustifiable "in a free and democratic society."

The court action, launched by the company's MediaWorks division, comes amid a lobbying effort by Canada's broadcasting, newspaper and magazine industries, which have been trying for several years to have the rules changed. ...more

Currently, drugs are advertised mentioning their name only, and don't get into its uses or potential risks. It has caused ad execs to become a bit more creative than in the U.S., but the ads leave a lot open to (mis)interpretation.

My personal pet peeve are the commercials for birth control pills that seem to be advertising attitude more than anything else. Maybe it's time to revisit and update these rules.

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