Monday, February 06, 2006

Online pharmacists hope to make fresh start with new Tory government

From the Canadian Press:
After spending more than a year in fear of a Liberal crackdown on their industry, online pharmacists are welcoming the incoming federal Conservative government as a chance to make a fresh start.

But there is also caution that the party that has supported the cross-border trade from the Opposition benches may now be swayed by brand-name drug makers and other opponents who see it as a threat to the Canadian drug supply. ...more

I think the new Tory government is going to have a lot of other things on their plate before they deal with internet pharmacy. It seems clear that Harper has his priority items that he will deal with first. The only thing that may bring the issue to the table would be if an opposition party wants something done in exchange for support on another bill. While I think the opposition parties are generally against internet pharmacy, I don't see them making it a top priority either.

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