Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Generic drug makers fight brand protection

From CBC News:
The generic pharmaceutical industry went to court Tuesday to challenge new federal regulations, which it says will block its ability to produce cheaper drugs and cost consumers millions of dollars.

The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association said its members began legal action in the Federal Court of Canada because they feel the new drug patent rules give brand-name drug makers an unfair competitive advantage. ...more

From the Toronto Star:
Prescription costs in Canada will soar dramatically if new rules that protect brand-name pharmaceuticals from competition are allowed to stand, manufacturers of generic drugs said today.

The companies that make generic drugs asked Federal Court to quash the regulations, arguing that Ottawa had no right to extend ``data protection" for brand-name drugs to eight years from five. ...more

From Reuters:
Canada's generic drug makers launched legal action in the country's highest court on Tuesday, arguing that a multi-year ban on generic competition favors the big brand-name companies.

The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association said new federal regulations that protect brand-name drug makers with an eight-year ban on generic competition pads the balance sheets of large pharmaceutical companies and vastly exceeds Canada's trade obligations. ...more

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