Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tablets found in Halloween bags were vitamin samples Store owner was promoting business; says children were not at risk

This isn't a pharmacy or pharmacist story, but since it's related to vitamins (and it's unusual) so I thought I'd include it. I don't have much experience in marketing, but I don't think trick-or-treating kids are the primary target market for a vitamin store.

From the Richmond (BC) Review:
Trick-or-treaters in Seafair found a healthy surprise among the candy they collected on Halloween, alarming some parents.

Karen and Ed Robinson found sample packages of children’s multivitamins and vitamin C, each containing two or three tablets, in their children’s treat bags.

...The vitamins were inside sealed manufacturer’s packages and tucked in a larger plastic bag that contained chocolate, chips and a business card for local vitamins and sports nutrition business......more

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