Thursday, February 01, 2007

Drug Ads: Taking Medicine Never Looked So Good - The Checkout

This is an interesting analysis of prescription drug advertising in the United States. The current advertising rules in Canada have been in place for years and probably could stand to be updated. Ultimately, the ads will affect patients and the types of questions they ask their health care practictioner. I find it telling that virtually every commercial suggests regaining control and winning social approval.

From the Washington Post:
Remember all those tricks drugmakers used to get you to take medicine as a kid? They made cough syrup sweet and acetaminophen chewable. They transformed horse pill vitamins into friendly cartoon characters.

Well, perhaps a better approach would've been to inundate you with ads--ones that depict a fearful and alone child who becomes happy, confident and popular after taking a pill.

That formula, it seems, works well on millions of Americans, who watch as many as 16 hours of prescription drug ads every year -- far more than the average time spent with a primary care physician. ...more

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