Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Internet drugs are blamed for woman's death

From the Vancouver Province:
Health Minister George Abbott is cautioning British Columbians about buying drugs from Internet pharmacies after a coroner determined a Quadra Island woman died from counterfeit drugs she bought online.

Coroner Kerry Clarke found that Marcia Bergeron, 58, died of cardiac arrhythmia due to acute metal poisoning.

Shortly before she died last December, Bergeron complained of nausea, diarrhea and aching joints.

She was losing her hair and having vision problems.

An autopsy discovered high levels of aluminum, phosphorous and many other metals in her body, and the coroner said they came from the pills she bought on the Internet.

Among the 100 pills found in Bergeron's home were sedatives, painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs.

They were bought from a pharmacy which billed itself as a Canadian pharmacy, but it wasn't. ...more

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