Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pharmacist from Dal part of intensive drug study

From the Halifax Chronicle Herald:
A Dalhousie University pharmacist will be part of the first extensive study of whether public and private drug policies across Canada and internationally help or harm patients.

Neil MacKinnon, associate director of research at Dal’s college of pharmacy, is one of 13 people worldwide selected as 2007 Harkness Fellows.

The fellowship, administered by the United States’ Commonwealth Fund and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, will allow him to work with experts from around the world to learn more about drug policy in other countries.

The first meeting of the group is in New York in September.

The process of determining what drugs are safe and effective and which of those will be covered by public and private insurers varies by country and province, said Mr. MacKinnon, a Bridgewater native. ...more

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