Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Only doctors may prescribe, CMA resolves

From the Globe and Mail:
Canada's doctors are bitterly denouncing the idea that pharmacists be allowed to prescribe drugs independently, saying such a practice places patients at risk.

Independent prescribing by pharmacists, nurse-practitioners and midwives is already permitted, to varying degrees, in six provinces.

Members of the Canadian Medical Association, gathered for their general council meeting in Vancouver, passed a series of motions yesterday, saying only physicians should prescribe, either directly or by delegating their powers to another health professional.

Groups representing pharmacists and nurses condemned the position, calling doctors paternalistic, paranoid and pathetically desperate to protect their turf.

"Despite their obvious skills, pharmacists don't have the totality of skills to make sound clinical judgments," said Gordon Pugsley, president of Doctors Nova Scotia. "It's an enormous leap of faith to think that care can be delivered at the same high level by someone other than a physician." ...more

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