Thursday, November 08, 2007

Leftover medicine? Pilot project in U.S. advises mixing it with cat litter

This is a new concept. Frankly, I like how our pharmacies accept medications back for disposal better.

From CBC News:
It's time to pooper-scoop your leftover medicine.

Mixing cough syrup, Vicodin or Lipitor with cat litter is the new advice in the United States on getting rid of unused medications. Preferably used cat litter.

It's a compromise, better for the environment than flushing - and one that renders dangerous medicines too yucky to try if children, pets or drug abusers stumble through the trash.

In Canada, the advice might differ as Health Canada tells people not to throw medications into the garbage or toilet, and individual municipalities have their own rules about what can and can't go into landfill sites. Usually, people are urged to take unused medicines back to pharmacies for proper disposal. ...more

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