Friday, November 09, 2007

Pharmacists happy NDP drug plan dead

From the Saskatoon Star Phoenix:
A day after the provincial election, the Pharmacists Association of Saskatchewan is relieved it won't have the headache of dealing with the NDP's proposed universal drug plan.

"We're much relieved that the planned $15 co-pay that Lorne Calvert came out with will not be going forward," said Brett Filson, executive director of PAS. "(Saskatchewan Party Leader) Brad Wall made that clear early on in the election campaign."

Any major changes to the drug plan cause problems for pharmacists, he said.

"Pharmacists have to explain the changes to every patient every time, month after month," Filson said. "We try and instil that reminder to the government every opportunity we get: 'Do anything you want, but remember who has to explain it.' " ...more

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