Sunday, March 15, 2009

Accreditation for pharmacy college

I am a bit unclear regarding what this means. Now that Qatar University has been accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation, will this make it easier for their grads to move to Canada? Is this a trend we can expect from other foreign universities?

From Gulf Times (Qatar):
Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy has been accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programmes, it was announced yesterday.
“Qatar University is the first international institution to be evaluated by the Council for accreditation under the standards applied to pharmacy schools in Canada,” CCAPP Executive Director Dr David Hill said.

In a letter to QU President Prof Sheikha Abdulla al-Misnad he stated that the Council is extremely pleased with the initial stages of its relationship with QU and will use the experience as a model for other international universities seeking CCAPP accreditation.

Prof al-Misnad described the accreditation as a testament to the excellence of the Pharmacy programme, the dedication of the students, staff and faculty and recognition of the commitment of Qatar’s only university to the continued advancement of pharmacy education and practice in the country.

College of Pharmacy Dean Dr Peter Jewesson explained that the accreditation is provisional as a class of students is yet to be graduated. “The College will continue to work with CCAPP as it prepares for the first BSc (Pharm) class graduation and first Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) class enrollment by 2011,” he said. ...more

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