Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seniors fight drug changes

From the Edmonton Sun:
A crowd of about 75 people gathered at the constituency office of MLA Dr. Raj Sherman yesterday afternoon to protest "deficiencies" in the province's proposed seniors pharmaceutical strategy.

"The government is proposing to impose a serious increase to drug costs for seniors, moving from a flat rate system to a means test," said protest organizer David Eggen, executive director of Friends of Medicare.

"This is a real attack on the principle of universality and really singling seniors out unfairly which, especially in an economic downturn, doesn't seem right."

Ralliers of all ages gathered at the west-end office shouting: "Don't cut seniors out" and waving signs as cars drove by and honked in support. The Raging Grannies also showed their support, flying their own banner and breaking into song. ...more

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