Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alberta reports drug-resistant case of H1N1

From the Calgary Herald:
Alberta’s first drug-resistant case of the H1N1 virus is concerning, but not unexpected and won’t change how the province rolls out its vaccination campaign this fall.

“It’s always a concern that there’s resistance,” said Dr. Gerry Predy, senior medical officer of health for Alberta Health Services. “One isolated case is probably not that significant, but it does then mean we have to do some investigation around this case just to make sure that it is isolated.”

The adult female patient infected with H1N1 did not have to be hospitalized but was being treated with oseltamivir, also called Tamiflu, which is the most commonly used treatment of influenza in the world. Most people who get the H1N1 flu virus will only have a mild form of the illness and not need any medication, but people who have more severe cases, or who have other health problems that put them at risk for infection, are typically given Tamiflu to treat or prevent an infection. ...more

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