Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calgary pharmacist guilty of trafficking painkillers

From the Calgary Herald:
A Calgary pharmacist sold thousands of painkiller pills, first to pay off a gambling debt and then after he was threatened by the buyer.

Bassam(Sam)Soufan, 36, was sentenced to an 18-month conditional sentence Wednesday to be served in the community for trafficking 16,000 OxyContin pills between February and October 2007.

OxyContin, a brand name of the drug oxycodone, is a time-release painkiller that has a similar effect to heroin, but is much cheaper.

Court heard Soufan met and befriended Ahman Hammoud at a casino in January 2007, when he incurred significant losses.

Hammoud lent Soufan $2,000 and was told he could repay the loan by providing him with OxyContin from the Scenic Acres IDA Pharmacy, where Soufan worked as manager.

Soufan initially provided 100 pills to Hammoud and was told he must keep doing it. Hammoud, a lawyer who has since been disbarred for unrelated activities and has left Canada, then supplied the drug to bikers, court heard. Calgary pharmacist guilty of trafficking painkillers

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