Sunday, November 01, 2009

Flu keeps pharmacists hopping

From the Lethbridge (AB) Herald:
Drug stores in the city are having trouble keeping hand sanitizer, masks and other flu-related supplies on the shelves as customers react to the H1N1 outbreak.

What’s more, pharmacists said Wednesday, they’re being flooded with calls from people seeking information on everything from symptoms of the flu to whether or not they should be vaccinated.

“We’ve been open for three hours this morning and we’ve already had at least 10 calls,” said Doug Bennett, pharmacist at Shopper’s Drug Mart in West Lethbridge.

“People want to know if we’re going to be getting the vaccine here. They’re wondering if they have the flu and they’re wondering if they should get vaccinated. They’re asking when they should be going to the doctor, but most of the time I think they’re deciding to go anyway.”
Shopper’s has seen hand sanitizer disappear as soon as it’s stocked, a situation mirrored everywhere.

“It started weeks ago,” said Igor Shaskin, owner of Stafford Pharmacy and Home Health Care on 9 Street North. ...more

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