Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Unbelievable happens

From the Edmonton Journal:
Something oddly momentous, perhaps even portentous, happened in Alberta politics this week.

Health Minister Ron Liepert held a news conference to make an announcement about health-care reform--and nobody screamed for his head. No protests, no outraged opposition, no angry health care professionals.

In fact, he's being cautiously praised by his usual critics.

It's as if the world has suddenly been turned on its head: rivers are running backward; the sun is rising in the west; the Edmonton Eskimos are in the Grey Cup.

What Liepert did was unveil the second phase of his pharmaceutical strategy--which is being received much more warmly than his first phase last year that forced higher-income seniors to pay more for their drugs.

The second phase will drastically reduce the cost of generic drugs paid by Albertans and will pay pharmacists extra money for additional professional work they do above their usual role of filling prescriptions. ...more

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