Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changes to provincial drug plan will affect foothills

From the Western Wheel (AB):
As more foothills residents creep towards retirement age and beyond the strain on Alberta’s health infrastructure will increase said one of the province’s top health officials.

As a result, the Province has been looking at ways of expanding care options to ease the strain on local hospitals such as Oilfields General Hospital in Black Diamond and High River Hospital.

“We need to provide the choices and the options out there for people that allow them to live in the least restrictive setting that meets their needs that they can have some choice over,” said Silvius.

Some of the changes include grant funding to increase home care with the stipulation it be spent by March 2011 and funds may be allocated in areas such as home care or self-managed care to lighten the load on hospitals but no final decisions have been made. ...more

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