Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Planning a winter getaway? How to avoid malaria

From CTV News:
Pop quiz: if you're planning a vacation to a Caribbean hotspot this winter -- say, some place like Jamaica -- do you need to worry about malaria? How about if you're going to the Bahamas? The Dominican Republic?

The fact is if you're going to parts of any of those countries, malaria could be a threat. Yet few Canadian travellers think about the potentially fatal infection when planning getaways, and that can be a dangerous oversight, say doctors.

A recent poll conducted by Leger Marketing found that less than a third of Canadians planning vacations said it was a top priority for them to talk with a doctor about travel-related illnesses. Most were more likely to be concerned with planning sightseeing, accommodations and worrying about currency.

Even when asked about the travel health treats they worried about, most replied that malaria was well down the list...more

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