Monday, September 27, 2010

Bismarck Pharmacist Creates Gel to Help Chemo Patients

From KFVR-TV (ND):
A Bismarck pharmacist has been receiving phone calls from physicians all over the world after he created a special gel to relieve pain some patients experience after undergoing chemotherapy.

Mike Riepl is a personalized medication specialist. He created the gel for one patient of his and couldn`t have guessed it would help people across the globe.

Riepl has spent many hours in his pharmacy lab. Mixing chemicals to help people feel better is nothing new to him.

"I was talking to a patient who had gone through chemotherapy, and sometimes chemo will damage the nerve endings or the nerves in the hands and the feet," explained Riepl. "She was complaining she was having a burning sensation, pins and needles. She asked if there was anything that would help."

Riepl talked to the woman`s physician, and then decided to come up with a new solution to help the patient. He created BAK gel, which stands for its three main ingredients, baclofen, amitriptyline and ketamine. ...more

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