Monday, September 27, 2010

Stricter controls on the way for methadone in B.C.

From CTV News:
.C.'s pharmacists will face stricter controls on their methadone supplies, and the province's pharmacy watchdog says even more rules could be on the way to stop kickback schemes and scams.

Starting in October, pharmacists will have to keep records of all narcotics in their possession to better report theft of the drugs and keep track of methadone use, according to B.C.'s College of Pharmacists.

"This policy change adds more rigour and structure to what many pharmacists were doing in the first place," said the college's deputy registrar Suzanne Solven.

She said the policy came into being as a result of increased concerns about thefts from pharmacies, but that the rules would work in tandem with anti-kickback regulations that have been announced already.

Other rules could be on their way after the college completes a review of methadone practices by the end of the year, she added.

Methadone is a daily medication that satisfies cravings for addicts and keeps them away from hard drugs. ...more

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