Thursday, March 01, 2007

'What a waste of time'

As of today, Abadir Nasr is a free man with no criminal charges pending. An appeal by the Crown is possible. He still holds his pharmacist license and can work at a pharamcy but does not have authority to sign for narcotics. Also, he cannot own a pharmacy. No date has been set for his hearing with the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

The judge in the criminal case agreed that Nasr was "negligent and incompetent" but didn't knowingly sell fake drugs to patients so no fraud occurred. Nasr was smart enough to go through university, get a pharmacist license, and run his own business, but he was convinced that a travelling saleman selling discount pharmaceuticals was legitimate? I don't think a reasonable pharmacist would've come to the same conclusion.

The eventual College of Pharmacy hearings will likely be more difficult for him. The College will only need to prove that there was a public safety risk. Intent will not be relevant.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
Frances LaForme was the first customer to raise the alarm over the funny looking pills dispensed to her at King West Pharmacy.

LaForme was in court yesterday when Ontario Court Justice Richard Jennis dismissed all 12 fraud-related charges against her former pharmacist, Abadir Nasr, 29. The decision left the Hagersville woman wondering if all her work with police and drug company investigators was worth it. ...more

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