Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Druggist will fight to keep his licence

It looks like Abadir Nasr wants to get his side of the story in the press. The Hamilton pharmacist, who sold fake Norvasc tablets but was acquitted of criminal charges, answered questions for the Hamilton Spectator today. I find it odd that he answered the questions in writing. Nasr claims he is not fluent in English. I thought pharmacists are required to be able to speak at least one of Canada's official languages. I believe most provinces have language tests that are requirements for licensure. However, I'm not sure specifically about Ontario.

There is no mention of a date for his disciplinary hearing with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. I suspect it will still be a while as the regulatory body will likely need time to gather all of the relevant information.

From the Hamilton Spectator:
The Hamilton pharmacist who was found not guilty of criminal fraud after selling counterfeit heart pills to the public says he never doubted his acquittal on all charges.

Abadir Nasr, 29, said he intends to fight for his licence and his right to own another drugstore when he goes before a future disciplinary hearing of the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

"As God knows, I never had the intent to harm anybody so I was completely sure that not guilty would be the (outcome) of this case," said Nasr. ...more

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